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Some Pointers for Poking Wires

We know that having metal in your mouth doesn’t always feel like the most natural thing. Fortunately, after you get your braces on and have your initial adjustment, most people don’t even notice their braces are there. However, sometimes a pesky wire will escape and remind you that your braces are there. Have no fear though, most of the time you can fix rogue wires on your own without having to make an extra trip to the orthodontist. Loose or pokey wires are the most common problem people experience while in braces, so if that happens to you, here are some steps to follow from Dr. Reynolds at Reynolds Orthodontics:

  1. See if you can push it back into place

If a wire pulls loose a little it might not be completely out of the bracket. If this is the case, you can use a finger to push it back into place. In other instances, you can guide the wire back into the tube.

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The Relationship Between Asthma & Cavities

The headline of this blog post is pretty shocking isn’t it? Many people are unaware of the link between asthma and tooth decay resulting from a dry mouth. Here is some more information from Dr. Reynolds at Reynolds Orthodontics.

You may be wondering what does asthma have to do with cavities. When people aren’t easily able to draw in their breath, most people compensate by breathing through their mouths. This causes your mouth to dry out. Insufficient saliva leaves you more vulnerable to decay-causing bacteria because saliva helps to protect and clean your teeth. Moreover, asthma and allergy medications themselves can cause even more dryness on top of mouth breathing. In short, it’s not a good combination.

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When and Why to Get Braces: An Essential Guide

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Did you know that a study by the American Association of Orthodontists concluded that about a third of adults in the United States aren’t happy with their smile? 36% of those surveyed said that they’d feel more comfortable in social settings if they could correct their teeth.

Crooked teeth also affect a person’s perceived level of success. The survey concluded that over 78% of respondents correlate bad teeth with professional failure.

Many people struggle with their teeth and often get braces to correct their imperfections. Keep reading to find out when and why braces are needed.

Braces for Children or Adults

The first question most families or individuals will have on their mind when thinking about braces is, when is the right time to get braces? The time varies depending on the alignment of the teeth.

Most dental professionals suggest that children get an evaluation for braces around age seven. Children won’t typically need braces that young but an examination of their teeth can help determine any issues they might have and give an estimate of the best time to start preparing for braces.

Braces are also becoming more common in adults because correcting your smile has no age limit. It can make you feel and look better than ever before. There are also many more options than the traditional metal braces of your youth, like Invisalign, to make you feel more comfortable about having to correct the alignment of your teeth.

You Might Need Braces Because of Issues With Space

One of the main reasons a child or adult might need to visit an orthodontist is because of issues with space. Whether you or your child have visible space between certain teeth or your teeth are pushed together in an uneven way, braces can help correct these issues.

Braces will help align your teeth and end any brushing problems you’ve had, especially with overlapping teeth. Regular appointments with the orthodontist are necessary to make sure your teeth are aligning in the right way.

Issues With Appearance

While appearance shouldn’t be the most important thing to a person, it still carries some weight. Many people struggle with self-esteem, especially young girls and boys. 7 out of 10 girls don’t like the way they look and a crooked smile can add to their issues with their appearance.

Feeling uncomfortable in social settings because of less than perfect teeth can have a negative impact on a person. Braces can help fix these issues and help build your confidence once again.

Jaw Problems

The field of dentistry is equipped to handle many issues concerning the mouth and teeth but when the issues can be corrected with braces, a visit to the orthodontist is the right way to go.

A misaligned jaw can cause a lot of unwanted problems. You’ll experience jaw pain when eating or speaking and overall discomfort that doesn’t seem to go away.

Braces can help realign your jaw. Your pain will subside and your face will look more even with your jaw back in the right position.

You Want to Take Care of Your Dental Hygiene

Taking care of your health is important and that includes your dental health as well. Crooked or overcrowded teeth can make brushing and flossing harder and this can lead to issues with cavities or tooth decay if not taken care of properly.

Tooth decay, if neglected, can create bad infections that can spread to other parts of your body. This can make you seriously ill if ignored.

One of the most important reasons to get braces is to take care of your dental hygiene and prevent other serious health issues from occurring.

You Have Bite Problems

Another common reason children or adults might need braces is for bite issues. The pressure that braces place on the teeth can correct a misaligned bite.

An overbite is when the upper teeth protrude slightly over the lower teeth. This can change your appearance but can also make chewing certain foods more difficult. An underbite is the lower teeth sticking out more than the upper teeth.

An open bite is a space between the upper and lower teeth when you try to bite down. This issue usually occurs from thumb sucking that has lasted longer than it should. Braces can realign the teeth and correct these bite problems, setting up a virtual consultation to talk about this issue with our team is easy.

You’ve Experienced Shifting

Even if you had braces as a child, your teeth can begin to shift later in life. Whether you grind your teeth during sleep or have been dealing with cavities, shifting can be a reason to get braces as an adult.

Addressing this problem and straightening your teeth is crucial to avoid more serious problems with your teeth that can create a variety of other health issues you most likely want to avoid having to deal with.

Gum Problems

As discussed before, overlapping teeth can make brushing and flossing your teeth quite difficult. When you aren’t able to properly take care of your dental hygiene you may develop gum issues like gingivitis or eventually the more serious periodontitis.

You can avoid developing these gum issues with braces that will align your teeth and by continuing to practice good dental hygiene.

Braces Can Help With Speech Problems

Misaligned teeth can also be the cause of certain speech problems. The misalignment of the teeth and jaw can make it harder to pronounce and can prevent you from speaking clearly. Going through the procedure and getting braces can help correct mild speech problems.

Get Braces for a Better Smile

The timeline to get braces depends on each individual patient. There are also many different reasons why you would need braces, the list above includes some of the most common.

Contact us today to set up a consultation at one of our offices or to set up a virtual appointment. Feel free to ask any questions before setting up an appointment, we’d be more than happy to answer them.

5 Fun Activities to do with Your Kids at Home

blog-featured-image-activities-to-do-at-home-with-kidsWith many of us transitioning to the “new normal” of homeschooling our children, the change can be tough. Balancing work and home life can be challenging for any parent. But how can you make learning fun and engaging while social distancing? Don’t fret! Dr. Mark Reynolds at Reynolds Orthodontics has 5 activities you can do at home that are educational and fun.

Science Experiments

From Bill Nye to YouTube, DIY science experiments are a fun way for kids to learn while using resources from around the house. Check out this video for 10 fun DIY experiments you can do at home. Read More

4 Benefits of Virtual Orthodontic Appointments

blog-featured-image-benefits-of-virtual-orthodonticsVirtual orthodontic appointments are nothing new, yet have become more common practice since the spread of COVID-19. As an alternative to meeting in-person, virtual orthodontic consultations are a great way to stay healthy while social distancing. If you or someone you know is considering braces or clear aligners, Dr. Mark Reynolds of Reynolds Orthodontics 4 benefits of virtual orthodontic appointments to keep in mind:

  1. No Need for Waiting Rooms

Virtual appointments remove the need to sit and wait while being exposed to others who may carry the virus. In many cases, your appointment will start with you entering a virtual waiting room until your appointment begins. Once ready, you will be taken out of the “waiting room” and into the main call to start the appointment. Read More

Why Mail Order Orthodontics is a Bad Idea During Coronavirus

blog-featured-image-mail-order-orthodontics-during-coronavirusWith the spread of COVID-19 rapidly changing our “new normal,” mail-order orthodontic is on the rise. From social media ads to TV commercials, the convenience of mail-order orthodontics becomes more appealing when you’re stuck at home. At Reynolds Orthodontics, we understand that everyone wants a smile they can be proud of. For this reason, we will explain why mail-order orthodontics isn’t the way to achieve this goal.

Orthodontic Treatment Starts with an Appointment

We strongly suggest that orthodontic treatment start with an in-person appointment with a professional, not mail-order. While a virtual consultation can give a brief overview of what your oral issues may be, it is always best to be examined in-person. Starting treatment without this step could result in serious problems to your oral health and more money to fix the damage.Read More